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Bravo Ballroom Dance Studio opened since 2008 and specializes in instructing dancers of all ages in preparation for competition, social events, or that big-day. Hosting the Open Ballroom Dance Competition since 2010 with well respected judges, Bravo Ballroom Dance Studio has a growing reputation in the industry. More recently, the studio also began to welcome adult groups looking to master the American Style of ballroom dance for social purposes. Bravo Ballroom Dance Studio participates in DanceSport Competitions recognized by National Dance Council in America in surrounding states. Even if you never compete, there is always a need for a ballroom dance move or two in your back pocket. Avoid being the guy or gal with two left feet at the next big communal celebration in your life; take a lesson.Today, qualified and respected instructors lead by Evgeni Fridman, teach all styles of ballroom dance, cardio classes and first-dance wedding lessons. Courses are by appointment only so always call ahead.

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